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A lot of people will be surprised at the use of the term “clubbed thumb royalty”.  This is especially true if you haven’t embraced the fact that you have clubbed thumbs.  Looking at them, you’re probably thinking that there’s no way that they signify royalty in any way.  After all, a lot of people are embarrassed to have them.

The Reason Behind the Term

The term clubbed thumb royalty is used because of this belief that having one signifies the fact that you come from a line of royalty.  According to this belief, having a clubbed thumb means that the top of your family tree will have European royals.

What caused this belief?  Well, a lot of historians have established that some royal families in the past practiced inbreeding.  Why did they do this?  This is to preserve their bloodlines.  When it comes to royalty, bloodlines matter.  This is why they want to keep it as pure as possible.  Of course, medical professionals have long established that inbreeding can cause abnormalities and defects and a lot of people are saying that clubbed thumbs are caused by the inbreeding.  Hence, we have the term clubbed thumb royalty.

In order to know if this belief holds some truth to it, it’s important to talk about what causes clubbed thumbs.  In most cases, clubbed thumbs are caused by genetics – faulty genetics to be exact.  The gene is passed on from generations to generations.  Even if your parents don’t have clubbed thumbs, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the genes for them.  It just so happened that your genes welcomed the faulty genes responsible for the clubbing.

If you’re going to study the main cause of clubbing, it seems that there’s a reason why the term clubbed thumb royalty is widely-used.  You have the beliefs that inbreeding in royal families caused clubbed thumbs and clubbed thumbs are passed on from generations to generations.  If you have them, there is a chance that you are a part of a long line of clubbed thumb royalty.

Is there valid proof to this claim?

No one has provided irrefutable proof that clubbed thumb royalty should be treated as a fact.  But for most people, it’s something that makes them feel better and we can’t blame them for wanting to believe that they are a part of a clubbed thumb royalty line.

In addition, no one can deny the fact that there are a lot of famous people who have clubbed thumbs like Megan Fox and Liam Nesson.  They are royalties in their own rights.  They were able to excel in their fields even with clubbed thumbs.  Why not try to do the same?

Clubbed Thumb Meaning

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How Does It Affect You?

The mere fact that a lot of people are searching for the clubbed thumb meaning online means one thing – that not a lot of people are aware of this condition.  Yes, it is a condition and you’ll be surprised that it’s a condition that affects a lot of people.

What is it, exactly?  A clubbed thumb is basically just that – a thumb that resembles a club.  Instead of the usual elongated thumb, a clubbed thumb will be short and fat, a little round even.  Another characteristic of this condition is the shorter nail.  The nail will be shorter, but it will be wider.

Its Scientific Name

If you’re not familiar with the term, maybe you’re more familiar with its other terms.  But first, let’s talk about its scientific name.  Its scientific name is Brachydactyly type D or simple BDD.  Brachydactyly is a medical term with Greek origins.  It literally translates to short and finger so it literally means the shortness of the digits, both fingers and toes.

When looking at the clubbed thumb meaning, it’s equally-important that you find out how its determined if the digits are short or not.  Basically, the length of the finger is compared as a ratio to the other parts of the body.  Usually, the length of the middle finger as compared to the length of the hand is used.

Clubbed Thumb Meaning: Its Other Names

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find a lot of other helpful resources online when you search for the clubbed thumb meaning.  It’s because it’s more known for its colloquial names like the following:

  • Murderer’s thumb
  • Potter’s Thumb
  • Toe Thumb

What Causes Clubbed Thumbs?

Along with the clubbed thumb meaning, you’re also probably wondering what causes it.  It’s usually genetic, meaning that you inherit it from your parents.  What if your parents don’t have it?  In a lot of cases, clubbed thumbs are passed down even if the parents don’t have them.  This is because it’s highly-dependent on the recessive gene which makes sense since you’re basically inheriting a faulty gene.  If you have it, it just means that your genes welcomed this faulty gene.

Should You Be Concerned?

A lot of people, famous people even, have clubbed thumbs.  However, their clubbed thumbs never affected their daily lives.  Generally speaking, it shouldn’t concern you. However, make sure to have it checked nonetheless to make sure that it’s not a more serious nail clubbing issue. Nail clubbing can signify the presence of more serious diseases.

Now that you know the clubbed thumb meaning, you now have a better understanding of what it is.  You don’t have to look at it for hours at a time wondering what it is.