In order to understand what a clubbed thumb is, you need to take a look at the size and shape of a regular thumb. Sometimes, some people have a different type of thumb formation which makes the thumb shorter and wider. This is known as clubbing of the thumb and is seen as a genetic problem. In essence, a clubbed thumb is something that is defined as a shortening and widening of the thumb from its normal proportions. While it is nothing to worry about in most cases, it might bring about a low self esteem for the affected person. Here is some information about clubbed thumb that would help you in overcoming this self esteem related issue.


Clubbed Thumb Syndrome


The best way to understand the clubbed thumb syndrome is by taking a look at the thumbs. In most cases, you would not be able to notice any major difference between a regular thumb and a clubbed thumb. Sometimes, people have only a single clubbed thumb, with the other thumb being normal and regular. Even then, they are not able to notice any major difference, apart from the shortness in length, in between these two thumbs. There is no major impact on the ability of the person in thumb related tasks of gripping etc. In order to determine the clubbed thumb causes, you would have to take a look at your family history. A case of clubbed thumb is a genetic alteration and is usually present in the parents or grandparents. However, sometimes, people are not able to associate this problem with their parents or grandparents. This is because the problem of clubbed thumb is associated with a recessive gene that is passed from one generation to another. While it might not bring about a clubbed thumb in the parents, it can lead to this condition in the children.


Clubbed Thumb Surgery


In most cases, there is no requirement of a clubbed thumb surgery. Due to the clubbed thumb genetic reasons, this condition tends to stay with the child throughout the lifetime. While it does not pose any major risks or symptoms, some people might choose to go for a clubbed thumb surgery. This clubbed thumb surgery enhances the thumb tissue by working on bone and tissue growth, and overcoming the shortness of a clubbed thumb.