Knowing Clubbed Thumb Causes


For knowing clubbed thumb causes, you would first have to take a good look at the condition. A clubbed thumb looks like the big toe of the foot, wider and shorter than what a regular thumb might look like. While a case of clubbed thumb cannot be noticed easily, some people might experience a loss in self esteem due to this condition. In order to overcome this problem, you would have to make the child understand that a clubbed thumb is nothing to worry about. Famous celebrities, like Megan Fox, also have a clubbed thumb and it does not interfere with any of their daily activities or ability to achieve their goals.


Clubbed Thumb Genetic Causes


In order to understand the clubbed thumb causes, you would have to view the clubbed thumb genetic angle here. It has been established that a case of clubbed thumb is brought about due to the inheritance of a faulty gene from the parents. Although this translates into the passing down of a clubbed thumb from parents to children, there are some cases where the parents, or grandparents, do not have a case of clubbed thumb. This is because the clubbed thumb genetic factor is dependent upon a recessive gene that is passed from one generation to another. While this recessive gene might not lead to a case of clubbed thumb in the parents, it can bring about this problem in the case of children. Therefore, a case of clubbed thumb is associated with genetic developmental flaws. The good part about a clubbed thumb is that it does not pose any major threat to the health of the person. A person with a clubbed thumb is able to carry out his regular activities without any major impact on his ability and dexterity. In case your child has a case of clubbed thumb, you simply need to tell him that it is nothing to worry about.


Clubbed Thumb Meaning


For understanding the clubbed thumb meaning, you need to take a look at the medical term of Brachydactyly Type D. The case of Brachydactyly Type D is defined as an irregular shortening of fingers, with Type D pointing towards a shortening of the thumb. This medical term is another name for a case of clubbed thumb, with the clubbed thumb causes being the same as illustrated above.